DOWSI 1200 OS Surface Conditioner Primer

It is a dilute solution of moisture reactive substances in volatile siloxane, used to prepare the surface before adhesive applications. It improves both the adhesion quality and adhesion speed of volcanized silicone gaskets at room temperature on various flat surfaces.


Can be used on both moisture-curing RTV and thermosetting silicones

Dilute low molecular weight fluid silicone

Complies with many international regulations, including the European Union, with its low VOC content

It improves the adhesion quality of RTV and thermosetting silicones to ceramic glass wood stone construction plastics (including FR-4) and metals.



The specified properties are typical of the material and should not be used for specification preparation purposes.

Adhesion: marble stone and wood

Color: transparent and red (except America),

Flash Temperature: 27 oC in closed container

Number of Components: single component

Shelf Life: 540 days

Volatile Organic Content: 76 gr/liter