DOWSIL 335 Butyl Sealant Special Black

It is a one-component polyisobutylene primary sealing adhesive. It contains solids, does not contain solvents and does not react. Complies with EN 1279 in insulated glass systems.

Usage areas:
• Double or triple system insulated glass units,
• Residential windows and commercial facades,
• High performance multiple glazing systems, especially in hot climates and locations requiring high heat resistance


  • No resistance, leakage or flow is observed at temperatures up to 95–100°C,
  • Color match with DOWSIL™ 3362 and 3363 Insulated glass secondary sealing adhesive, homogeneous and aesthetic appearance on the edges.
  • Good physical adhesion with glass, various hot edges and standard laths
  • Compatibility with all Dowsil façade sealants
  • Solvent free
  • high temperature resistance