DOWSIL 3363 Glass Insulation Silicone

It is designed to be used in areas where high physical strength is required so that it can be used in places where high strength hard two component silicones will be insufficient as low strength soft adhesives will enlarge the bonding ranges. It provides superior adhesion in areas that require high strength and rigidity, such as high-rise buildings with strong winds, shield panels that protect against storms or explosions, inclined insulating glasses. It increases efficiency as it can be filled quickly in small joints.

Usage areas

In applications requiring high hardness where conventional soft adhesives will enlarge the bonding ranges.

Insulating glasses with a small adhesion gap

High-rise buildings with strong winds

In wind panels that protect against the storm

Explosion-proof panels or curved insulating glass



Provides strong adhesion in small areas in high-strength insulating glasses

Provides up to 30% surface savings in bonding areas with its high strength of up to 0.21 MPa

Low water absorption

Excellent temperature stability

Hardens without abrasion

Curing time is short