DOWSIL 993 Structural Glazing Base and Catalyst

Two component Silicone

Features and


 European Standards developed by EOTA for Structural Facade applications


 Coated, enamel printed and reflective glasses, anodized coated and polyester painted

Excellent adhesion to most surfaces, including aluminum and stainless steel

 High mechanical properties

 Odorless, cures without causing corrosion

 Excellent stability even in a wide temperature range such as -50°C–150°C

 Resistant to ozone

 The fluidity is constant for the A and B components, no heating required

 For impact resistant window systems both in new buildings and renovations


 Structural performance capability

 After curing, the product has excellent performance properties against weather conditions.

Besides, it exhibits very high resistance against ultraviolet rays, temperature and humidity.

 Base and Catalyst do not need to be from the same Lot

 Available in different shades of gray (refer to color chart)