• Suitable for ventilation and air conditioning systems operating at low and medium pressure
  • Non-insulated (insulated)
  • With aluminum interior and exterior
  • A+ labeled according to European emission standards
  • Insulated with formaldehyde-free glass wool
  • M1 certified according to the French national reaction to fire standards
  • Class B certified flexible air duct according to European reaction to fire standards
Sub Category Aluminum Flexible Air Ducts
Reaction to Fire Hard Flammable
Operating pressure 3000 Pa (maximum)
Operating Temperature Range -30 °C / +150 °C
Diameter Range 52 mm - 800 mm
Flexible Channel Construction 3 layers of Aluminum + 2 layers of Polyester
Flexible Duct Nominal Thickness 70 micron
Air Flow Rate 30 m/s (maximum)
Insulation - Thickness - Density Glass wool 25 mm - 16 kg/m³
Packaging single cardboard box
Standard Length 10 m

General features

  • It is a heat insulated (insulated) aluminum flexible air duct developed for ventilation and air conditioning systems operating at low and medium pressure.
  • ALUAFS.70 ECOSOFT aluminum flexible air ducts, which are produced by reinforcing multi-layered laminated aluminum and polyester material with high tensile spiral steel wire, are produced by insulating with glass wool. An aluminum jacket, that is, a moisture barrier, is dressed on the insulation material.
  • Dimensions, tolerances and mechanical strength properties are tested, classified and certified according to the EN 13180 standard.
  • ISOAFS-ALU.70 ECOSOFT flexible air ducts are leakproof. It has extremely high flexibility, bending and compressibility. It is easy to assemble in oval, round and corner joints.