ODE Aquaflex 1K

Polymer modified, bitumen based, one-component highly flexible and thick waterproofing material.


  • Easy and fast application with slightly filled structure
  • Option to accelerate drying
  • High dry residue ratio
  • Suitable for application on all mineral surfaces
  • Creating integral insulation layer
  • Perfect adherence to surface
  • Environment friendly, solvent free and asbestos fiber free ingredients


This insulation material is used as waterproofing material against surface humidity, leaked
water, temporary and constant water pressure on foundation and curtain walls of all buildings.
Do not apply on rainy, cold and humid weathers. Do not apply on non-absorbent surfaces.


  • Exposed concrete
  • Cement based plasters and screed
  • Limestone, brick and briquette walls,
  • Old bitumen surfaces
  • Please consult us for all other application surfaces



Not suitable for metal surfaces



Apply with a roller and brush.
Dry time: 
Minimum 3 days
Waiting time for earth filling: 
3 days
Time for water contact: 
Minimum 1 week



Ambient temperature: Between +5°C and +35°C
Avoid application in case of extremely hot weathers and under direct sunlight.
Do not apply on frozen surfaces or surfaces exposed to risk of frost.



  • Apply 2 coats on the entire surface with a roller and brush. The total application thickness must be determined based on area of application and water pressure on the insulation layer (Please see the consumption table).
  • The second coat should be applied when the application will not damage the first coat, i.e. when it is dry. In case of surfaces exposed to temporary and constant water pressure, alkaline resistant fiberglass net application must be applied on the entire surface between the first and second coats.