ODE Bitutape

ODE Bitutape is an elastomeric modified bitumen based, cold applied waterproofing tape with aluminum foil coating on the upper side and self-adhesive on the lower side.

  • Thanks to the aluminum foil on its upper surface, it is UV resistant.
  • Thanks to its flexible structure, it can be easily applied even on curved surfaces.
  • It is suitable for contact with bitumen.
  • It is self adhesive.
  • It has a wide application area.
  • It provides excellent adhesion to the surface to be applied.
  • It is resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions.




It is an elastomeric modified bitumen based, cold applied, self-adhesive waterproofing tape.
Top surface: Plain or embossed aluminum foil coated (Metallic Grey, Terracotta and Green)
Bottom Surface: Self-adhesive covered with a separable silicone film
Flexibility at Low Temperatures: -25 °C


It has a wide usage area in repair and insulation works. It provides insulation by adhering to all kinds of surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, plaster, concrete, tile, asphalt, around roof windows, in the connection details of sloping roofs and terraces, chimney, wall bottom, eaves and ridge.


1,5 mm


G: 10-15-20-30-60 cm, U: 10 m


Palette 48 parcel;

6 pieces of 10 cm in 1 box,

4 pcs 15 cm,

3 pieces of 20 cm,
2 pieces of 30 cm,

1 piece of 60 cm tape